4 Common Roof Problems Winter Brings

4 Common Roof Problems Winter Brings

Winter brings extreme temperatures and severe storms that can take a toll on your roof. In today’s post, your trusted local roofers at Edmunds General Contracting discuss the four biggest threats your roof faces in the winter.

4 Common Roof Problems Winter Brings

1. Roof Deck Condensation

Condensation occurs when water vapor in warm air becomes liquid when it touches cooler surfaces. While condensation can occur at any time of the year, it’s a common problem in the winter when homeowners turn up the heat. A poorly ventilated attic traps excessive heat, keeping the moisture level beneath your roof high. Eventually, this condensation can weaken the underlying wood deck. It also sets the stage for mold growth, another serious concern.

2. Wind Damage

Blizzards can blow off loose roofing materials, leaving the affected areas defenseless against the elements. The strong wind can also hurl tree limbs at your home. If your roof develops a leak, call your trusted roofing pros for emergency repair. Left unattended, a leak will only worsen with time.

3. Ice Damming

Ice damming isn’t nature’s work; it’s the result of a bad attic insulation. Your attic temperature needs to be close to that of the outside to keep your roof cold enough to prevent snow from melting and then dripping down your roof. This is how ice dams form.

4. Gutter Clogging

Obstructed gutters and downspouts spell disaster for your home. If you don’t clean your gutters out before winter rolls around, your roofing system will be at huge risk of leakage.

Stay ahead of these winter-related roof problems with Edmunds General Contracting. We provide inspections and emergency storm damage repair to protect your home against the rigors of winter. Call us at (877) 618-5955 to schedule your roof inspection in Haverhill or North Andover, MA, or Salem, NH, at your convenience.