4 Reasons New Roofs Fail

4 Reasons New Roofs Fail

Investing in a roof replacement soon? Be sure to choose a roofing system that provides long-lasting and comfortable living. However, you should be aware that even new roofs occasionally fail. Read on as we discuss the four leading factors that cause new roofs to fail.

4 Reasons New Roofs Fail

1. Bad Roof Ventilation

Even a high-quality roof won’t perform well if the system isn’t well ventilated. Without proper vents, hot air can’t escape the roof and will damage the structural integrity from within.

2. Ineffective Flashings

Flashings help protect your roofing system from moisture. If the flashign isn’t properly installed or is damaged without your knowledge, water can easily seep into your roof and damage the underlying structure. This often occurs when the flashing wasn’t properly inspected before the installation of the new roof, or if the contractor only used caulk to cover the joints.

3. Low-Quality Materials

Choosing a cheap roofing material may save you money on the front end, but it is likely to cost you far more in the long run. Low-quality materials require more frequent repairs and have shorter lifespans than higher-quality materials.

4. Inadequate Installation

Lastly, even the best materials will fail if the contractor does a poor job installing the roofing system. The installation should be done by a trusted professional with significant experience.

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