5 Best Reasons to Get a Slate Roof for Your Home

5 Best Reasons to Get a Slate Roof for Your Home

Slate roofing gives your home a lifetime of protection against the weather. Edmunds General Contracting has the professional experience to flawlessly install this roofing material on your home. Today, we highlight all the benefits of choosing slate for your new roofing system.

5 Best Reasons to Get a Slate Roof for Your Home


It’s possible for a properly installed slate roof to last as long as a century, thanks to the durability of natural stone. With proper care and upkeep, you will never have to replace your slate roof again.

Low Maintenance

Slate roofing requires minimal maintenance, as it’s more resilient than other roofing materials on the market. Its natural stone density makes it waterproof and very resilient against fungus and mold. It’s the perfect roofing material you can rely on for decades to come.


As slate is made of natural stone, recycling the material is easy. Slate roofs are far more versatile than asphalt, making them easier to repurpose. Also, slate roof replacement happens less frequently due to the material’s longevity, leading to less environmental impact compared to other materials.

Fire Resistance

Slate roofs are also naturally fireproof. Aside from providing heat protection, slate roofs can help prevent fires from entering your home, or at least slow them down. Campfires, fireworks and accidental wildfires are a reality. With a slate roof, you’ll be better protected against the risk of fire.


The natural beauty of slate roofing sets it apart from the rest. You can choose from an assortment of slate designs and combinations to enhance your home’s curb appeal. Consult us to figure out which slate design will best complement your home.

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