Factors That Can Void Your Roofing Warranty

Factors That Can Void Your Roofing Warranty

Your roofing warranty protects you in the event that something goes wrong with your roof, whether due to a manufacturing error or a flawed installation. With a strong warranty, you won’t have to pay to repair such issues.

Roofing Warranty

Certain factors can cause your warranty to become void, however. At Edmunds General Contracting, LLC, your local roofing experts, we make it a point to be transparent with homeowners about the limitations of their warranty. Here, we explain how your warranty can be voided:

Improper Ventilation and Hot Roofs

Your warranty will only cover damage caused by specific reasons. For example, many warranties cover damage due to a manufacturing error. Damage from improper ventilation in your attic, however, is not covered.

A good roofer will ensure that your attic is properly ventilated before installing your new roof. Any intervention by a third party after installation would be the only reason for the disruption of this ventilation design.

Pressure Washing

You might decide to clean your roofing system with a pressure washer to remove algae and dirt from your shingles. Be aware that doing so can void your warranty because pressure washers can damage the material of your shingles. Also, your roof may not be equipped for such high-pressure settings at a close range.

Layered Roofing

Having a new layer of shingles installed over your existing shingles can void your warranty. This is because an additional layer is not recommended by most roofing companies. It also causes heat to dissipate at a slower rate, which shortens the lifespan of the roof and cause uneven wear and tear.

At Edmunds General Contracting, LLC, we’re proud to be a GAF Master Elite® contractor. As such, we can offer the GAF Golden Pledge® Warranty, which provides 50-year coverage on material defects and 25-year coverage on workmanship. It covers tear-off, labor and disposal expenses, and wind coverage of over 130 mph.

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