Features and Benefits of GAF TruSlate®

Features and Benefits of GAF TruSlate®

Slate is one of the highest-quality roofing materials available. Its durability, longevity and timeless beauty have made it a continually popular choice among homeowners. When properly installed, it can last for up to 150 years. Our company’s partnership with GAF allows us to offer the brand’s real hand-split S1-grade quarried TruSlate®. Here are the main features and benefits of this product:

Features And Benefits Of GAF TruSlate®

What Makes It Different

GAF, the largest roofing manufacturer in North America, wants to create a system that can both increase your home’s safety and beauty. Slate, as one of the most reliable and beautiful roofing materials on the market, has been given new features that can help maximize its many benefits. Advancements in manufacturing techniques have also enabled manufacturers to include high-tech waterproofing material for superior protection.

TruSlate is one of the many roofing options GAF has manufactured. They have eliminated the wasted slate, the part you never see, to reduce the weight. It also prevents expensive structural modifications that traditional slate roofs require.

Color Options

Homeowners can choose from a variety of TruSlate colors to meet their home’s architectural needs. Onyx Black, for instance, has a dark black appearance that can add dramatic contrast to your classic or modern household. Its reflective properties often produce a lighter appearance in direct sunlight and darker tones in afternoon or evening light.

Proven Quality

When installing a roofing system on your home, you want to make sure that it will last for many years. TruSlate has received the highest grade for slate-roofing materials. It also comes with a lifetime limited warranty that protects you in the event of untimely roof repair expenses.

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