GAF Timberline® Lifetime Shingles: The Benefits

GAF Timberline® Lifetime Shingles: The Benefits

Your roofing system plays a critical role in your home’s weather protection, beauty and energy efficiency. As GAF Master Elite™ roofers, we promote GAF Timberline® Lifetime Shingles. Read on to discover the benefits of installing this shingle system.

Roof Aesthetics

GAF’s Timberline Architectural Shingles have intricate designs that will emphasize the visual appeal of your property. They boast an attractive, earthy, Old-World appearance. This results in an ultra-dimensional wood-shake look for your classic home.

Timberline Architectural Shingles are also a great choice because of their resale value. They lend your home a distinct visual appeal that will drive up its value. On top of that, they’re made with GAF’s advanced shingle technology, which helps them last longer than other shingle roofing systems.

A Wide Range of Colors to Choose From

GAF’s Timberline Shingles aren’t restricted to brown and earthy tones. They also come in Pewter Gray, Patriot Red and Mission Brown, to name a few. Hickory or Weathered Wood will give your roof a classic wood-shake look. They give your roof a depth and appeal that mimics classic wooden shingles. Perhaps best of all, they don’t have the elemental weakness of wood.

Long-Lasting Appeal

These roofing shingles stand up to time and last for decades. They can withstand anything Mother Nature can throw at them, from wind and rain to snow and sleet.

The Best Warranties From GAF

A Timberline roof system has the advantage of GAF’s strong roofing warranties. GAF’s Golden Pledge Limited Warranty covers 100% for both materials and workmanship. It covers a period of 50 years for materials and 25 for workmanship.

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