How to Inspect for Possible Leaks on Your Roofing System

Hurricane Arthur, the latest weather system to cause devastation in Massachusetts and other nearby areas, had wind speed as high as 62 miles per hour and brought down so much rain causing flash floods and power outages in certain areas.

With weather conditions as severe as this, you can always expect damage on your home, particularly on your roofing in Haverhill MA. Even the ones in good condition can give in with this kind of harshness. How much more of the roof is faulty and already damaged? The first problem that occurs when hurricane or storms hit is leaks. Listed below are some of the steps on how to check for damage:

  1. Safety first. If you choose to do this by yourself, do it safely. Since the roof is higher than any part of your home, make sure that the ladder you’ll use is sturdy and dry. Use rubber boots to avoid slipping.
  1. Look for loose roofing materials. The reason why water penetrates inside your home is because of loose shingles or flashing, which are entry points for rainwater. Also, check for smaller details like cracks or gaps.
  1. Attic inspection. Prepare tools like flashlight and chalk. Check for water stains and mark them so you can identify them later. Turn off the lights, this will allow you to see any light streaming from the holes.

Although these steps are helpful, consider having a professional look at your roof instead. This is because a trained eye can do this more thoroughly and they have the proper equipment to do it. Opt for local roofers North Andover MA like Edmunds General Contracting who understands the area’s weather and its impact on homes.

We believe that keeping your roof healthy and fully functional is essential to ensuring the protection of your home and family from the weather. That is why one of the services we specialize in is inspection. So if you suspect that your roof has leaks, don’t hesitate and call us at Edmunds General Contracting and we’ll take care of the rest for you.