Is Metal Roofing the Right One? Ask These Questions First

Is Metal Roofing the Right One? Ask These Questions First

Metal is one of the most sought-after roofing materials today. Just like other options, it’s a star in its own right; it offers a unique set of qualities to improve your home in all areas.

Metal Roofing

Are you considering metal roofing in Haverhill, MA, but unsure whether it’s the best choice for your home? Ask these questions first before making your purchase:

How Long Can It Last?

Metal is one of the toughest materials you can find today. With proper maintenance, it can last for about 50 years. Thanks to minimal seaming and robust panels, a reliable metal roof can take whatever nature can throw at it. It can withstand the sun, rain, hail, snow, and ice. Most metal roofing systems have exceptional rating to resist 140 MPH wind speeds. Also, metal is proof against fire, keeping it from bursting into flames during a lightning strike.

With protective coating, your metal roof can stay resilient to rust and rot. Compared with other options, expect it to be impervious to insects, safeguarding your wood decking for generations.

How Efficient Is It?

Most roofers in North Andover, MA, would attest that metal is one of the most energy-efficient material today. It features remarkable reflectivity to not absorb too much of the sun’s heat and keep your indoor spaces pleasantly comfortable. As a result, you can expect to lower your utility bills for the years to come. You can achieve your desired level of comfort with less energy.

How Fast Is It to Install?

A metal roof installation eliminates the need to tear off your old roof. It can be placed over your existing your roofing material, expediting the entire process.

This means absolute convenience. You no longer have to deal with the high level of stress usually associated with re-roofing. And with our team’s proficiency in metal roofing, we carry out the installation efficiently, safely, and flawlessly the first time.

How Much Maintenance Does It Need?

Metal can retain its structural integrity and natural beauty without demanding upkeep. With little maintenance, this type of Salem roofing would hardly develop any physical damage and cosmetic imperfection over time.

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