Key Things You Need to Know About Shingle Recycling

Key Things You Need to Know About Shingle Recycling

Shingle recycling is increasingly becoming a priority for homeowners. Thanks to the efforts of GAF, more roofers and homeowners alike are embracing the practice for sustainability. In fact, the estimated rate of recycling asphalt roofing shingles jumped from 10% to 28% between 2010 and 2015.

Key Things You Need to Know about Shingle Recycling

To appreciate the practical value of recycling asphalt roofing shingles, Edmunds General Contracting shares the key things you need to know about it:

It Turns Old Roofs Into New Roads

Shingle recycling is all about repurposing old roofing materials for paving. Considering that asphalt is the chief component in 80% of roofs and 94% of roads in America, it’s the country’s most recycled material.

Reclaiming asphalt roofing shingles doesn’t only help conserve natural resources; it also diverts millions of tons of construction waste away from landfills. Plus, the less need there is for extracting precious minerals for paving, the lower the country’s dependence on foreign oil. Moreover, recycled pavement is reclaimable and can be reused several times.

It Financially Benefits the Entire Community

Repurposing old asphalt shingles creates jobs and saves taxpayers money. It helps recyclers rake in great profits, helping the industry as a whole to flourish. Roofing, paving, and dumpster companies reduce their costs too. Best of all, asphalt roofing shingle recycling doesn’t rely on government grants. Turning to recycled pavement helps cities and towns trim their expenses as well.

It Can Make Your Home a Certified Green Building

As a homeowner, recycling your old asphalt shingle roof can help you meet the requirements of different green building programs, like LEED®. If the recycling rate is over 50%, your reroofing project becomes eligible for one point, putting you a step closer toward certification.

Edmunds General Contracting is a proud GAF Certified Green Roofer™. This distinction tells you that we’re actively participating in shingle recycling and educating the community about the practice. Turn to us not just to give your old roof a second life, but to invest in a sustainable, new roofing system as well. To talk about your roof replacement needs in Andover or Lawrence, call us at (877) 618-5955 today.