Preventive Maintenance: Benefits of Having a Healthy Roof

Preventive Maintenance: Benefits of Having a Healthy Roof

Proper maintenance is one of the keys to having a healthy roofing system. Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t realize the importance of preventative maintenance and instead take a more reactive approach to combatting roofing issues. This almost always backfires.

Preventive Maintenance: Benefits of Having a Healthy Roof

At Edmunds General Contracting, we’ve always been a huge advocate of preventive roof maintenance. Here are the advantages of embracing this practice:

Longer Lifespan for Your Roof

A healthy roofing system lives until the end of its expected service life. Preventive measures, such as regular inspections and immediate repairs, allow you to discover signs of damage in their infancy and address them right away. This prevents minor issues from developing into expensive catastrophes.

Seeing no visible cause for concern creates a false sense of security. Most roofing problems start very small and would be undetectable without a professional inspection. A problem undetected is a problem neglected. This is why major leaks often seem like they were unpredictable (usually they weren’t).

Less Stress

All roofing projects bring some level of disruption to your life. However, there’s no denying that tackling minor issues is far easy than arranging for emergency repairs after your roof has sustained serious damage. The more time-consuming your roof restoration is, the more stressful it becomes. Compare the stress of dealing with water leaking through your ceiling to the relatively minor hassle of scheduling routine preventative maintenance with your roofer.

More Savings

Tending your roofing system proactively doesn’t only help you minimize repair costs, it even lets you avoid them in certain situations. Warranties usually provide coverage against manufacturing, material or workmanship defects, but yours may not bail you out if you skimp on preventive maintenance. Your roofing manufacturer may not honor its guarantee if the cause of the problem is your negligence. In turn, you may have to pay for repairs out of your own pocket that could set you back thousands of dollars at the worst time.

Preventive maintenance helps preserve the validity of your roofing warranty. If you do your part and your roof still fails prematurely, you should be entitled to reimbursement of material and labor costs.

Give your roof some TLC with Let Edmunds General Contracting. We’ve been maintaining the roofs of our neighbors in Andover and Haverhill, MA, and Salem, NH, for nearly 10 years. As trusted roofers, we provide thorough inspections, prompt repairs, storm damage restorations and insurance claim assistance. Call us at (877) 618-5955 today to talk about your roofing needs.