Reduce Your Energy Costs With GAF’s DecoTech™ System

Reduce Your Energy Costs With GAF’s DecoTech™ System

Edmunds General Contracting is the number-one choice for roofing services in the local area because of our extensive knowledge and substantial experience. As a GAF Solar Elite contractor, we are one of the few roofing companies that specialize in installing solar power systems. Solar energy will help reduce your energy costs while increasing your home’s value. Today, we discuss GAF’s DecoTech™ System.

How Does the System Work?

GAF’s DecoTech system uses high-performance photovoltaic panels to collect solar energy. It converts the energy into electricity for your home. The DecoTech System constantly collects sunlight during the day using its high-output panels that are currently the best in their class. You can use the collected energy for your needs, even at night. Solar power is free, and it’s one of the most reliable energy sources in the world. By taking advantage of solar power, you can reduce your energy bills.

DecoTech System Features and Benefits

This solar power system has many great benefits when compared to ordinary, rack-mounted solar panels. It has a sleek, minimalist look thanks to a low-profile design. This is a great product that can blend in with your home’s existing design. To complement the low-profile design, the system also has a deco black gloss finish. For maximum performance, GAF uses best-in-class high-output panels for this system.

The system also features a durable and strong metal frame for many years of worry-free performance and has a perimeter protection system to reduce the risk of roof leaks. This includes counterflashing and step flashing that protects the system from moisture. It features integrated technology that allows you to maximize and monitor the system’s output. Finally, the system has an excellent warranty. When conditions apply, you can even obtain a warranty that covers both the solar system and your roofing system.

In addition to installing solar energy systems, we can help you with roofing system repair and replacement, siding replacement and window replacement. Edmunds General Contracting has many years of experience, and we are GAF Master Elite® contractor. We serve many areas including Andover and Lawrence. Call us at (877) 618-5955 to learn more about solar roofing.