Roof Leaks: 4 Usual Suspects, and Their Best Solutions

Roof Leaks: 4 Usual Suspects, and Their Best Solutions

Roof leaks are bound to happen with time. However, you can get ahead of these problems if you know the red flags that would lead to them.

Roof Leaks

What are the signs of impending roof leakage? Edmunds General Contracting sheds light on the most common causes of leaks:

1. Structural Damage

Any form of damage related to your shingles, shakes, panels, or tiles could be a source of leakage. Catch a quick glance at your roof and look for something amiss. Normally, you can identify them after a bad weather; storms could loosen their grip onto your roof and pave the way for water intrusion. However, even without damaging conditions, long-term exposure to harsh elements would eventually take its toll on your roofing material.

Although you may easily spot some problems from the ground, we still recommend you to schedule routine inspection to discover hidden issues. With our thorough assessment, you can rest assured that you’d get an honest diagnosis for your Andover roofing system’s condition. Our ability to identify issues at their infancy can win the battle against roof leaks. Most issues only warrant some repairs, but we’ll consider key factors, like roof age, to suggest when a complete replacement makes more financial sense.

2. Gutter Clogging

A clogged gutter system would wreak havoc with your home. You’d know there are blockages when you see leaves and other types debris sticking out in your gutters. The lack of water flowing out of your downspouts during a rain indicate that something’s obstructing the passageway. Apart from water damage, gutter clogging could cause a host of problems too. For instance, the sagging of your gutters poses a serious hazard to anyone.

At Edmunds General Contracting, checking your gutter system is at the center of our inspection process. We can perform immediate repairs on loose and leaky gutters and downspouts to address these detrimental problems ASAP.

3. Ice Damming

Ice dams are icicles that form at the edge of your roof. They happen the temperature of the roof’s plane is hotter than the eaves. The colder overhang refreezes the melted snow and prevents it from completely draining off.

Ice damming is usually a ventilation concern. The inability of hot air to escape your attic causes your roof’s uneven temperature. It has many quick fixes, but we’ll deal with its underlying problem. During the inspection, we’ll look for its root cause and repair the issue accordingly.

4. Flashing Issues

Flashing problems automatically set the stage for water seepage. These pieces seal all intersections, seams, and projections in your roof, keeping water away from such vulnerable areas. Unfortunately, they don’t live forever. Prolonged punishments from Mother Nature accelerate wear and tear, causing them to deteriorate and lose their integrity.

Knowing the current state of your roof’s flashing is one of our top priorities. We know the best time to replace booting and other types of sealants and keep your Lawrence roofing system leak-free.

Give your roof the care it needs to make it last as long as possible. Call Edmunds General Contracting today at (877) 618-5955 to request for an estimate and schedule an inspection at your convenience.