GAF Solar

Benefits of Solar

When it comes to lowering energy bills and increasing home value in the Salem, NH and Andover, MD areas, a GAF Solar™ installation by Edmunds General Contracting makes good financial sense. Electricity costs rise an average of 5% annually. Solar power will offset these increasing costs, now and in the future. You become your own energy provider and make your home more environmentally-friendly with a GAF Solar system.

  • Permanently lower your energy bill. Solar is a renewable energy source, making the cost of power independent of market instability.
  • Increase property value. Installing a solar system boosts a home’s resale value by an average of $5.50 per watt.
  • Sell your home faster. Studies have demonstrated that a home with solar sells 15% faster than a home without solar.
  • Qualify for government tax incentives. Solar qualifies you for a 30% federal income tax credit through 2016.
  • Reduce environmental impact. Solar reduces your carbon footprint by offsetting thousands of pounds of carbon dioxide, and preserving acres of trees and hundreds of gallons of gas every year.

How Solar Works

Sunlight is available, reliable and free. With only a few components – photovoltaic panels to collect solar energy, an inverter to convert the energy to electricity and possibly racking to hold the solar panels on your roof – a solar electric system harnesses the power of the sun for your use. During the day, the photovoltaic panels capture sunlight and the inverter converts it into usable electricity. The energy you don’t use goes back into the local utility grid. On a cloudy day or at night, you use electricity from the connected utility. In some areas, the utility company will pay you for the excess power your solar system generates. By properly sizing your solar system for your energy needs, you can lower or even eliminate your electric bill.

Solar Is Affordable

Costs associated with solar have dropped dramatically in recent years, and financial incentives abound. In addition to a 30% federal income tax credit through 2016, you may be eligible for state, local and utility rebates. Solar has never been more affordable than it is today.

Get Solar for Your Home

Edmunds General Contracting offers vast experience in renewable energy for the Salem and Andover area. Our certified installers can ensure you receive an affordable, reliable solar installation. For a customized solar assessment and information about innovative financing solutions, contact Edmunds General Contracting today at 877-618-5955.