The Perils of a DIY Roofing Project

The Perils of a DIY Roofing Project

DIY projects may sound cost-efficient at first, but in reality, they often end up costing more in the long-run than hiring professionals. Today, Edmunds General Contracting discusses why DIY roofing projects can put you and your home at risk and why you should hire a professional roofer instead.

DIY Roofing Project

Drawbacks of DIY Roofing

Doing a roofing project on your own exposes you and your home to the risk of serious problems. Here are some drawbacks you may encounter when you take the DIY approach to a roofing project.

  • More Time Invested – As you’re doing the project by yourself, or maybe with a friend, you’ll need to invest more time to complete it, especially if you have no prior experience. Compare that to hiring a professional roofing contractor to finish the job, and you will notice a huge disparity.
  • Puts you at risk – Without proper training, equipment and a crew to back you up, you’re putting yourself at risk when you climb onto your roof. A simple roof inspection could lead to disastrous results without the requisite expertise and tools.
  • Tools are expensive – You’ll need the right tools to finish your roofing project properly. Some tools and equipment can be quite expensive. Another problem in investing in new tools is you might never use them again after the project is completed, making them a wasted expense.
  • No warranties – Since you’re not working with a roofing company, you won’t have access to a warranty to cover workmanship or material problems. Instead, you’ll be forced to redo the project at your own expense if issues arise.

Hire Professionals Instead

Hiring Edmunds General Contracting puts your mind at ease, as we use our extensive knowledge, high-quality materials and the latest tools to deliver flawless results. Our significant experience allows us to provide superior customer service and satisfaction in tandem with our professional roofing work ethic. Expect a highly skilled team of roofers to work with you from beginning to end, delivering the excellent service you deserve.

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